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Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Check, Check, Money Order and 
Electronic Transfer of Funds, including Western Union and Moneygram

Terms and Conditions
All sales are final; no refunds or returns. There are no guarantees, warrantees or promises of suitability or effects expressed or implied.

We cannot sell to residents of Illinois, Indiana or Maryland.

For shipping outside the US and Canada, please contact us for S/H charges before sending payment.

For all outside-USA shipping, we provide a full Customs shipping declaration sheet. Customer bears responsibility for any and all Customs charges or surcharges imposed by Customs or their government agencies.

While we do ship all packages insured, we are responsible for shipping orders only, and once shipped, our responsibility has ended. The customer takes fully responsibility for the package once we have shipped it at our local shipping depot.

We usually ship within a few days of receiving cleared payment, and often within 2 days, but in rare circumstances it can take longer.

All prices are stated in US dollars.  If you are located outside the USA, please send all payments in US dollars.


When sending your payment, include your shipping address and please include a note in the text message section (if it displays) telling us what you are ordering. If you are unable to include a message with your payment, then please send us an email at telling us exactly what you wish to order.

Spiritually-related Products

Send Funds via Everbutton, Using a Credit or Debit Card

The payment options below link to EverButton which is secured by Stripe, a very well-known and highly-secure payment vendor that accepts payments made using credit card or debit card, via secure servers. You do not need to be an EverButton or Stripe member to utilize the service.
Spiritual Products
To send payment for spiritual products using a credit or debit card, click the button below:

Send Funds via Venmo Using a Credit or Debit Card, or Bank Account within the U.S.


When sending funds via Venmo, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

You may send a payment by credit card, debit card or bank account using Venmo. Venmo only works within the US.

Please send payment to my email address, :
Note: Venmo payments can ONLY be sent using the Venmo app on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

When sending funds via Venmo, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

Send funds via Zelle within the U.S.

You may send a payment via Zelle using the Zelle app for Android or iOS. Alternatively, if your bank or credit union offers Zelle, through your mobile banking app or online banking. You must enroll with Zelle to use this service which requires a bank or credit union account within the U.S. Click here to be taken to Zelle's website for more details.

If using Zelle, you may send the funds to Vinny's email address , or, alternatively, to Vinny's cell phone number ending in "113".

Send funds via Facebook Payments, Using a Credit or Debit Card, or Bank Account

Facebook Payments

You can also send funds to Vinny from your Facebook (FB) account, using funds from a credit or debit card, or from a linked bank account. If you are a FB Friend of Vinny's, you can simply go into Payments/Send Money and type Vinny's name to send funds, and FB should present you with Vinny's FB account as an option for "recipient". If you are not a FB Friend of Vinny, then you can simply start a FB Message/Messenger conversation with Vinny by sending him a FB Message and waiting for his reply, after which you can reply and then click on the Send Payment button (it is usually a dollar sign, located at the top or bottom of the message box) in the Messenger message box.

When sending funds via Facebook Payments, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "fee".

Send Funds via Popmoney Using a Bank Account or Debit Card


Vinny can also accept funds via Popmoney, a way of sending money to almost anyone in the U.S., even to someone's email address or mobile phone number. More information at https://www.popmoney.com/. Many banks also support Popmoney, and those banks may offer you a Popmoney send funds window on their website if you have a bank account at the bank. Popmoney can also be used from your Android or iOS mobile phone. Please send payment to my email address,.

Check or Money Order via US Mail or Delivery Service (e.g., UPS, Fedex)

All payments must be in US dollars and made payable to "Vinny Pinto". If you wish to send a cashier's check, certified check or money order, my full name and address are below. Personal checks are also accepted, if you do not mind the wait for the funds to clear at the bank (up to 10 business days from time of receipt).

Note: If you are sending something that is time-sensitive, such as funds to be paid via check or money order, please contact me via email for my street address so that I may receive the mail more speedily and with greater reliability.

Moneygrams or Western Union Money Transfers from Anywhere in the World

Yes, Western Union and Moneygram are acceptable methods when sending funds from overseas.

My exact RECIPIENT contact information follows:

Notice: This phone # is only for use of current clients. For all strangers, and for all persons who have not yet been accepted into an ongoing working relationship with me, then please do NOT attempt to contact me via phone, and rather, please make initial contact with me only via private email (see above).

For International Payments (that is, payments sent to Vinny from outside the US)

For international payments, aside from Everbutton, Moneygrams and Western Union Money Transfers mentioned above, you also have the option of sending the funds to me via one of the online international payments sites such as TransferWise (at http://www.transferwise.com), or Xoom (at https://www.xoom.com/). Each of these sites are very easy to join (signup is free), and, in addition to letting you send funds to your target recipient from your bank account, they usually allow you to use a debit card as well for payment.

Thank you!
-- Vinny

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