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Note From Vinny Regarding
Donations vs. Fees for Treatment

February 8, 2010

Dear Visitor:

As some of you may know, I offered my basic remote spiritual healing treatments freely, on a donation-only basis for many years until today, and only the higher levels of remote spiritual healing-related services were fee-based. As of today, I have decided to eliminate the donation-only status for my basic remote spiritual healing services and to replace the tier of suggested donations with a set fee structure for each level (i.e., one treatment, two treatments, three treatments, etc.) of my basic remote spiritual healing services.

I made this change, after many years of offering the basic remote spiritual service as a donation-only service, based upon inner guidance that I have received from Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart regarding the wisest course in this matter. Over the years, a good percentage of my remote healing clients sent generous donations that were fully in accord with what they could afford at that time. However, there was always a very large majority who abused the offer greatly, and who took advantage of it, when they could easily have afforded otherwise, to try to obtain free healing, or alternatively, they sent only a few dollars as a donation when they could easily have afforded to send far more. The problem with this abuse of good faith was that it was also an abuse of the client's relationship with Divinity, and virtually ensured  -- despite the fact that I almost always did not know at the time that they had not sent what they could really have afforded to send as a donation -- that the remote spiritual healing work would have little or no effect for them, because their hearts and minds were closed and they were unwilling to have faith and send an appropriate donation, as asked by their heart wisdom.

The matter finally came to a head a couple of months ago, when I received a healing request from a client who asked, via postal mail, for remote spiritual healing, and she sent a donation of sixteen dollars, telling me that 16 was her "lucky number". I assumed at the time that she was in rather tight financial straits, and that she could only afford to send 16 dollars, and I went ahead and started to do remote spiritual healing work for her.  However, in short order, I felt a kind of resistance from her on the spiritual level, as if her local body-mind largely could not accept the healing from Divinity, that is, from Holy Spirit and from Supreme Heart (aka Sacred Heart). Within two weeks of having sent her healing request, she called me to ask how the healing work was going, and to complain that she had been feeling no effects so far.

She then went on to mention, with some pride, that she was a very affluent college professor who traveled across the world regularly on vacations, and that she owned a very fancy home and also owned plenty of nice clothing. She also mentioned to me that she had, for the past two years, made a specialty of searching the web to locate remote healers who offered either free services or who offered, as did I, remote healing services on a donation-only basis (in which case, she told me, she always sent only a few dollars, so that she could "...save my money for important things"), and she proceeded to complain that these healers from whom she had previously requested healing services must have all been frauds, because, she told me, she had never received any significant benefit from any of their work. She then proceeded to complain to me that she had, so far, noticed little benefit on any level from my ongoing remote spiritual healing work. I was silent for a while, absorbing what Spirit was telling me. I then briefly reminded her that she had sent me 16 dollars as a donation for my healing work when she could easily have afforded to have sent far more, and that I was sure that, if she were to go to her heart and ponder the matter, she could easily figure out the rest for herself, and that this would also explain why she had uniformly been experiencing near-zero results from the other remote healers whom she had approached over the years.

In the wake of this incident and a very similar one which occurred two weeks later, Holy Spirit suggested to me that I shift my donation-only services to a fee-based status, because clients such as these were wasting not only their own time, but mine also. And so, as of today, I am shifting my basic level of remote spiritual healing services from donation-only to fee-based; you may find the tier of fees for various levels of service on the "How to Request Remote Spiritual Healing" page.

And, in closing, as always, if you are considering asking me for remote spiritual healing, I wish to remind you to request remote spiritual healing from me only if your inner guidance tells you that I am the right remote healer to work with you at this time. If your interest or request does not feel deep or sincere at this time, please do not bother asking me for healing at this time.

with care and love,

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