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"Current activities" page. Vinny Pinto is a remote spiritual healer, also sometimes known as an esoteric, mystical or metaphysical healer.

He is highly intuitive and offers non-contact, nonlocal spiritual healing.

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   Vinny's Current Activities

Vinny has been guided, as of mid-2001, to spend the majority of his time in inner heart-centered work and in working with people and animals in remote spiritual healing sessionsAs recounted on the page on his background and training at Vinny's Training & Background he has trained extensively over the years in the realms of spiritual disciplines, spiritual healing, meditation, intuition, heart-centered spirituality, energy healing, alternative healing, and working with angels during healing, and at times he has practiced, taught or coached many of these modalities. He holds a Master's degree in a field encompassing psychotherapy, health sciences research and basic scientific research methods. As related earlier in discussion of his background, however, he feels that the remote spiritual healing work that he is currently guided to do fits none of the pervious categories, and transcends all of the previous particulars of his studies, training, or work. He sees his present healing work as a deep prayerful state with inner connection to Holy Spirit, while centered in his heart.

Vinny has engaged in regular, intensive daily prayer and meditation since age 16, and his inner work continues to this day. He finds this work important in staying "clear", and in maintaining a deep connection with divinity (Divine Heart, Holy Spirit, God). He feels that staying "clear" and open is extremely important in being able to access a state of heart-centered healing presence.

Drawing on his previous training (both practical and academic, including graduate-level studies) over many years in the sciences and electronics, Vinny also spends a small portion of his time in his privately-owned and operated non-profit research laboratory, performing research in the areas of:

  • primordial and primitive nutritional antioxidants and their properties and effects upon living organisms (these antioxidants are found in raw foods, some wild "raw" sources of water, and also in nutritional supplements such as MegaH, Megahydrate and so-called alkaline ionized water)
  • development of equipment to detect and measure heart-centered coherent states, and provide feedback to the user
  • exploring the effects of heart-centered coherent states of being upon various physical phenomena in the "real world"
  • exploring the effects of subtle natural electromagnetic signals (e.g. Schumann resonance) from the earth upon health and well-being
  • effects of raw foods diets upon human health

The primary focus of his research work is studying the physical effects of certain states which may be entered by a spiritual healer, heart-centered meditator, or mystic. In brief, we know that many spiritual and energy healers, heart-centered meditators, and mystics, when they are in that "special" state of connectedness with God and Spirit, which we often call "increased coherence" or "high coherence", emit a field or energy which affects many physical phenomena around them. Some of the physical effects of the states which seem to occur near spiritual healers and heart-centered meditators, and which Vinny has investigated, include:

  • changes in the resistance of water
  • changes in water, such as water cluster size, water structure, etc.
  • marked reductions in certain types of background ionizing radiation (alpha, beta and gamma radiation)
  • reductions in ionizing radiation from point sources such as radioactive mineral samples
  • notable increases in "coherence", and reduction of true chaos (randomness), in nearby electronic circuits, sensors, special sensing devices, and computers
  • notable decrease in entropy (noise, decay, chaotic decay of order to disorder) near the healer or meditator. This is usually manifested as reduced noise or randomness, and this constitutes a violation of some of the "rules" of thermodynamics
  • marked increase in the "coherence" of the heart rate variability (HRV) of the healer or meditator as well as of any other person within 12 feet. This is basically the appearance of a very rhythmic pattern of heart rate variability (HRV) which has healthful effects throughout the organism, and also often results in a sense of peace and vastly increased intuition or intuitive access.
  • remote detection of the coherent heart signal from the human body without the use of wires or radio-frequency links
To learn more about Vinny, his informational websites and the various services which he offers, please feel free to check out the Vinny Pinto Central Directory website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us  

A List Group Devoted to the Topic of Coherence, Especially Heart Coherence

The creator of this site has recently started a list group devoted to coherence, especially heart coherence, incoherence, and coherence effects in the world and on human life and health.

This list group is devoted to the emerging field of coherence of consciousness and particularly heart coherence, especially the type often described by researchers at HeartMath Institute (which involves coherence of heart rate variability, or HRV) and the consciousness coherence which the Global Consciousness Project, aka GCP, is attempting to assess via use of EGG sensors employing random number generators, aka RNG, aka random event generators, aka REG. Scope includes discussion of effects of coherence on our lives and physical reality. Particular attention may be paid to ways and means of attaining states of inner heart coherence, sometimes measured via emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer) , an investigatory feedback device from Heart Math. The discussion may at times embrace the concepts of recursiveness and nesting, e.g., of nested or packed information folded or embedded in certain waveforms or wave phenomena, although there has been a lot of hyperbole and half-fact extant in that area over the past few years, and the discussion may also include the occurrence of phi ratios of frequencies in examined waveforms. May also include discussion of the HeartTuner, aka Heart Tuner heart feedback device and the HeartLink, aka Heart Link feedback device. Yes, discussion may involve the new PC-based biofeedback adventure game, The Wild Divine, which incorporates heart coherence detection methods licensed by HeartMath Institute.

The list group is operated by Vinny Pinto, a healer, mystic, and degreed scientist who has also trained at the graduate level in statistical methods, experimental methods, psychotherapy (clinical psychology) and acupuncture (Worsley's Five Elements system.)

To subscribe to the list group, please send an e-mail to:

or, go to the list group home page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coherence

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